T.M.H.S. Members Pay Tribute to Alan Howard

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As all of our members will be aware, Alan Howard, an honorary and founding member of the Toronto Marine Historical Society, and the former curator of the Marine Museum of Upper Canada (from 1961 until 1981), passed away on Wednesday, January 15th, 1986. The appropriate obituary appeared on Page Two of our February issue.

It had been intended that suitable words relative to Alan's passing would be said at the February T.M.H.S. meeting, but this proved to be impossible, for the meeting scheduled for Friday, February 7th, had to be cancelled as a result of extremely inclement weather.

When the members next met on Friday, March 7th, they rose and took several minutes of silence to remember Alan and what he had meant to them personally and to the Toronto Marine Historical Society . The members moved a silent and unanimous vote of condolence to Alan's family, and particularly to his wife and our friend, Barbara.

A more tangible tribute to Alan Howard will appear in our May issue, in time for the Annual Dinner Meeting. It will take the form of the much-requested and long-awaited Ship of the Month article, featuring the famous passenger steamer CAYUGA, which we have been promising to do for so many years. In addition, all those members who attend the dinner portion of the May Meeting will be in for a little surprise. We will say nothing more at this time, except that the surprise has something to do with the CAYUGA, and comes to us through the courtesy of Barbara Howard.

If you want to know more, then you'll have to contact our Chief Purser to purchase a dinner ticket, and then wait until Saturday, May 10th.


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