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-- With preliminary bracing completed, the St. Louis-de-Gonzague Bridge reopened on December 2nd, but only two upbound ships passed through before high winds closed the Beauharnois Canal again. It was reopened to upbound traffic at 1:30 p.m. on December 3rd, with tugs ready to assist vessels through the bridge draw, but downbound traffic was not expected to resume before December 6th. McAllister Towing and Salvage Inc. has been retained to do further structural work before any attempt is made to remove JALA GODAVARI from her precarious position.

-- ARCTIC arrived at Port Weller Dry Docks on November 1st and went on the dock when IMPERIAL QUEBEC cleared the following day. On November 4, workmen began to cut away ARCTIC'S old bow, and it is now all gone in preparation for the construction of a new bow section.

-- It was on November 23rd that the tugs ELMORE M. MISNER and ATOMIC towed LAC STE-ANNE from Humberstone up to the Port Colborne harbour scrapyard.

-- On November 14, MERLE M. McCURDY loaded a grain cargo at the Government House elevator, Port Colborne, for delivery to Buffalo. She was back in Port Colborne on November 18th for a second such unusual load.

-- A windstorm on November 19th blew the Liberian salty SOCRATES on to the shore of Lake Superior near Duluth, the ship coming to rest close inshore. None of the 24 Greek crewmembers were injured, and the ship was later refloated without serious damage.

-- Two interesting late-season passages through the Welland Canal were made by the American Steamship Company's self-unloader ADAM E. CORNELIUS, which was bound for Ogdensburg with salt, and the Kinsman Lines steamer KINSMAN INDEPENDENT, which had grain for Oswego. Both were back upbound in the canal early in the last week of November. By November 29th, KINSMAN INDEPENDENT was back on Lake Ontario, anchored off Clarkson and waiting to load a cargo of cement clinker.

-- As usual, all three of the Misener-operated ocean-lakers will be running on salt water this winter. SELKIRK SETTLER and SASKATCHEWAN PIONEER have been scheduled to take cargoes of petroleum coke from Duluth to West Germany, and CANADA MARQUIS to load grain at Toledo for Seaforth (Liverpool). All three will be tramping once those first transatlantic cargoes are delivered.



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