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Ship of the Month No. 129 TORONTO
Yet Another Visit Aboard George A. Graham
Table of Illustrations
1 Extremely early photo of TORONTO comes from the collection of the late Willis Metcalfe, courtesy Lorne Joyce
2 An interesting early postcard view shows TORONTO landing at the dock of the Hotel Frontenac on the upper St. Lawrence River.
3 Photo from the collection of the late James M. Kidd shows TORONTO as she looked late in her career. Note the dining room relocated on the main deck.
4 By the spring of 1947, TORONTO looked extremely shabby as she lay in Toronto's Coatsworth Cut. Photo by J. H. Bascom.
5 "Toronto Telegram" photo dated August 14, 1947, has TORONTO in tow of HELENA and R. C. C. NO. 5 en route to Hamilton for scrapping.
6 Very rare photo shows GEORGE A. GRAHAM aground at South Baymouth, as she looked in 1920. Photo from Ross Leason, courtesy R. A. Ward.

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