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The Editor's Notebook
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Our January Meeting featured member Al Jackman, who presented an illustrated address on the Maritime class of steamers. We sincerely thank Al for a memorable evening.

ANNUAL DINNER MEETING: Please reserve Saturday, May 12th, for this annual event, at which we particularly welcome our out-of-town members. Watch for complete details in the March issue.

We would be remiss in the extreme if we did not, at this time, express our thanks to those who have conveyed their sympathy in respect of the passing, in December, of Jim Kidd, our long-time Treasurer. All of our members (and the crew of PATHFINDER in particular) will miss Jim and his infectious sense of humour, and we appreciate the sentiments of those who have written with their kind thoughts, and also with best wishes for our new treasurer, Bill Wilson. We cannot answer all of your notes, but we sincerely thank you for taking the time to send them.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Henri Gindroz of Willowdale, to Miss Kim Moore of Ottawa, to David Hooton of Mississauga, to Thorn Holden of Superior, Wisconsin, and to Terry Sechen of Mason, Wisconsin.


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