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The Editor's Notebook
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Lay-up Listings - Winter 1982-83
Ship of the Month No. 117 Midland City
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We are very pleased with the response to date to our request for lay-up listings. Many members have sent us information and we thank all who have participated. A list of contributors appears elsewhere in this issue, but we reiterate our words of appreciation here on the Front Page because we simply do not have the time to reply personally to each letter we have received. If you do not see a lay-up list for your local port in this issue, it is because we have no report (or perhaps just an incomplete one) for that area. Please assist us by jotting down a quick list and sending it to us for the March issue, which will, in the interests of accuracy, also contain any corrections to the reports that appear this month.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Edward Leahey and to Capt. Jerry Bissette, both of Thorold, to John T. Higginbotham of Welland, and to Glen I. Gardiner of Scarborough. We also welcome back a few more late-renewing members who are now back in the fold.


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