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The Editor's Notebook
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The return of the G. A. BOECKLING
Iocoma Revisited
Ship of the Month No. 112 Rosedale
Paul Sherlock
Additional Marine News
Table of Illustrations
1 The Editor's camera caught ALGOWEST, upbound on her maiden voyage, near Frechette Point in the kSt. Mary's River on July 23, 1982.
2 The burned-out tug COMANCHE is towed away from the Carbide Slip at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, by CHIPPEWA on June 14, 1982. Photo by the Editor.
3 MIDDLETOWN, recently converted to a self-unloader, is downbound at the head of the Neebish Rock Cut in this July 17, 1982, photo by the Editor.
4 The most interesting photo of ROSEDALE, downbound in the Third Welland Canal above Port Dalhousie, was taken c.1905 by the late Rowley W. Murphy.
5 The graceful lines of ROSEDALE are evident in this 1898 photo by the late Wm. Traill, showing the steamer leaving the Yonge Street Wharf, at Toronto.
6 ROSEDALE, in a very rare photo, is seen alongside the old grand Trunk elevator at Port Colborne, Ontario.

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