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Toronto Harbour Winter Lay-ups, 1981-82
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St. Lawrence Steamships Limited
Table of Illustrations
1 HUDSON TRANSPORT, victim of a Christmas Day fire in the lower St. Lawrence, is seen downbound above W.S.D. Lock 1, September 8, 1973. Photo by the Editor.
2 Taken very early in her career, this photo by J.W. Bald shows W. D. MATTHEWS unloading at the Town House elevator, Midland, Ontario.
3 This Young photo caught BRENTWOOD downbound at Little Rapids Cut in 1927.
4 ALGONQUINS crosses Toronto Bay, heading outbound toward the Eastern Gap. Photo, c. 1936, by J. H. Bascom.
5 CHEYENNE is inbound at the Toronto Western Gap, c1936, in this photo by J. H. Bascom.
6 CHEYENNE, in her later St. Lawrence Steamships colours, was captured by the camera of Capt. William J. Taylor.

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