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Last minute negotiations between the Canadian Lake Carriers' Association and the S.I.U. appear to have produced a contract settlement and have thus avoided the seamen's strike which was threatened for September 1. At least three wildcat walkouts occurred in the Welland Canal area, on July 27 aboard LAKE MANITOBA, on July 29 aboard NORDALE, and on July 30 aboard ALGOWAY, all of these disturbances allegedly concerning safety and working conditions. Much press coverage was given to crew's complaints about conditions on NORDALE, but most of the complaints seem to have been prompted by the contract negotiations.

JAMES NORRIS joined the Upper Lakes Shipping lay-up fleet at Toronto on July 30 and subsequently has had much plate work done on her port side. While the WHEAT KING has been idle, also in the turning basin, her owner has taken the opportunity to do considerable internal maintenance of a major nature.

The museum schooner ALVIN CLARK, which is berthed at Menominee, has been declared the oldest documented American commercial vessel in existence and has been redocumented as U.S. 3985, the lowest official number available. ALVIN CLARK, once known as the "mystery ship" because of doubts as to her actual identity, foundered on Green Bay on June 29, 1864, and was raised on July 29, 1965. Her future as a museum has been somewhat in doubt in recent years due to a lack of funds required for her maintenance.



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