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The Editor's Notebook
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Lucile/Pickup Revisited
Another Volume of the "Namesakes" Series
Ship of the Month No. 102 BAYANNA
Our One-hundredth Ship of the Month Again
The Stranding of the Saskatoon
Additional Marine News
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We wish to thank all of our members who supported our Annual Dinner Meeting and attended the festivities. Our sincere appreciation is also extended to Lorne Joyce, speaker for the evening, and to Mrs. Willis Metcalfe, who provided from the collection of our late member, Willis Metcalfe, much Bay of Quinte material used by Lorne in his programme.

We would be remiss if we did not, at this time, thank all of our regular correspondents who have kept us supplied with news items, etc., during the winter. Even though "Scanner" will not appear again until mid-summer, we hope that we shall continue to receive the benefit of their reports in the months to come so that future issues may be as complete as possible. We do not have the time to reply personally to each letter sent, but we do appreciate the kind assistance of our corresponding members.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to James H. Jackson of Dearborn, Michigan, to Michel Fournier of London, Ontario, to Mrs. John Edwards of Toronto, to John Vanderdoe of Windsor, to Robert Needham of Goderich, and to Michael J. Dills of Cleveland.


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