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Recent word from Kingston indicates that FRENCH RIVER will be renamed JENSEN STAR by Montreal Shipping Ltd., her new owner. Her fitting out continues at Kingston.

The 1981 shipping season for the port of Toronto opened on Sunday, March 29. with the arrival of E. J. NEWBERRY and LAKE ANJA. The laker arrived with soya beans for Victory Mills and the salty with chemical products. NEWBERRY was substituting on that first trip for SOO RIVER TRADER, which was forced to delay her first sailing due to boiler problems.

A recent report indicates that MARLHILL, and possibly LAC DES ILES with her, may be sent to a port on the Gulf of Mexico for grain storage use. There is no confirmation of this information available as yet.

Late word, so far unconfirmed but coming from "usually reliable sources," has it that J. R. SENSIBAR has been acquired by Ship Repairs and Supplies Ltd., Toronto, for operation by Johnstone Shipping Ltd. If this report is correct, we assume that SENSIBAR will, indeed, operate on the coal run to the St. Lawrence River.



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