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Our Annual Dinner Meeting, held back on May 10th, was a great success. We enjoyed a pleasant meal at the Ship Inn and were treated to a fine slide presentation by Bill Luke. We were particularly pleased to see so many of our out-of-town members in attendance, some coming from as far away as Winnipeg and Thunder Bay for the occasion. Our thanks to Bill Wilson for attending to the dinner arrangements.

T.M.H.S. MEMBERSHIP FEES WILL BE DUE AND PAYABLE come October. Fees for the 1980-81 season will remain at the current $10 level. We would appreciate early remittance to our Chief Purser, James M. Kidd, 83 Humberview Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 1W9. We regret that the cost of postage and printing precludes the sending of individual renewal notices or billings.

We hope that our members will forgive the preponderance of marine news in this issue. Our "holiday" since the May issue has been frought with all sorts of marine happenings which must be recorded. We have tried our best to report the most important of them in these pages.

In The New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Bertram Richard of La Have, Nova Scotia.


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