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A Generous Donation to the Society
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As most of our members will already know, the publication of "Scanner" is the principal activity of the Toronto Marine Historical Society in that it is through this journal that we communicate with our members, particularly those who reside outside Toronto. With our membership rapidly growing, however, the addressing of envelopes each month had become a monumental task for Ye Ed and the Secretary, one that we did not exactly relish. The alternatives which we had investigated in the past had all proven to be unacceptable.

Accordingly, it was with a great deal of pleasure that we recently accepted, from member R. Earl Minnis of Windsor, the gift of a complete set of beautifully prepared address labels, enough to last us for more than five years. These labels will make the mailing of "Scanner" much easier for us and we are most grateful for their preparation. At the April Meeting of T.M.H.S., those present unanimously passed a vote of thanks to Mr. Minnis for his most generous gift.


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