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It would appear that the end of the line has come for the barge-canal-type bunkering tanker GARY, (a) WHITE FLASH (44) , (b) BERT REINAUER (51), (c) CHARLES McCARREN (53), (d) SINCLAIR POWER (55), (e) SINCLAIR GARY (72). Owned by Energy Co-Operative Inc., East Chicago, and operating in the Chicago-Gary area, she was built in 1931 by the Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company at Chester, Pennsylvania. As her many name changes indicate, she has had a varied career. Now, however, it would seem that her condition has deteriorated to the extent that repairs would be prohibitively expensive and her owner has decided to take her out of service .

According to the January 12 issue of "Skillings' Mining Review", a company going by the name of Am-Can Transportation Inc. plans to enter lake trade in 1981 with two self-unloading tug/barge combinations featuring 150-foot, 9,000-horsepower tugs and 575-foot, 22000-ton barges. As yet, nothing has been said about the trade in which these vessels will serve.


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