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The Editor's Notebook
Marine News
Macassa Revisited
The Survivors
A. Andrew Merrilees
Ship of the Month No. 89 Thordoc (I)
Additional Marine News
From The Wheelhouse
Charles Barker
Toronto Harbour's Winter Fleet
Table of Illustrations
1 CONSUMERS POWER (III), which sailed briefly as CAPTAIN JOHN ROEN, has been purchased by the Erie Sand Steamship Co. Photo by Capt. Wm. J. Taylor dates from 1945 or 1946.
2 This is J. A. McKEE as she appeared in the colours of the Western Steamship Co. Ltd. prior to 1914. Photo on the St. Clair River by Pesha.
3 THORDOC (I), looking as she did near the end of her lifetime, is pictured in the St. Lawrence canals. Photo from the Bascom collection.

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