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The Editor's Notebook
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Delta Queen To Chattanooga
Ship of the Month No. 86 Torontonian
The Demise of the "Turret" Pilothouse
Our Museum has an Engine
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With this issue, we begin our twelfth volume and we should like to pass along a special word of thanks to all of the correspondents who have enabled us to continue publication. We will be making some experimental changes in our format in an effort to hold the line on rapidly increasing costs; we really do not want to change "Scanner", but the only alternative would be a sizable increase in membership fees. Your comments on any changes that you may see will assist us in planning for the future.

MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE NOW DUE AND PAYABLE for the 1979-80 season. Fees re-main at $10 per annum and early payment will be appreciated. Please address our Chief Purser, Mr. James M. Kidd, 83 Humberview Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 1W9, as soon as possible, for no individual billings can be sent. Please Note: this is the last issue that will be sent to those who do not renew. If you do not receive the November issue, you will know why.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to G. I. Longhurst of the Canadian Sault, to Francis J. Kloc of Rochester, to George Warner of Goderich, to W. A. Mathews of London, to Peter Van Buskirk of Toronto, to Don Ferguson of Stouffville, and to Capt. Ralph C. Dube of Tamarac, Florida. Capt. Dube is Master of the Columbia Transportation steamer MIDDLETOWN.


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