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Our President, Bruce Smith, will be retiring on December 15th! No, no; he won't be giving up his duties with T.M.H.S., but he will be taking his leave from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for which he has laboured for thirty-one consecutive years.

Ever since 1947, the voice of Bruce Smith has been a familiar one to many Torontonians who have heard it daily over C.B.C. Radio. For 23 years, he hosted an early-morning show which accompanied thousands of city denizens as they munched their breakfast and hurried off to work. Since 1971, he has held court over a late-afternoon show featuring music, comment, interviews, etc.

Bruce, who was raised in Sault Ste. Marie, has long been enamoured of ships and shipping and his radio shows have frequently included mention of things marine, particularly those relevant to Toronto harbour. He has been able to interest numerous listeners in boatwatching and many of them have since become T.M.H.S. members.

Bruce Smith has brought to his most important job, that of President of T.M.H.S. (!), many of the skills which he acquired in his years as a radio host. A founding member of our Society, he will, no doubt, have even more time in the future to devote to his marine interest. We are certain, however, that he will not be idle but rather will take up some other challenge subsequent to his departure from the C.B.C.

We extend to Bruce, from the entire membership of this Society, our sincere best wishes for a long and happy retirement and for many more years of pleasant association with T.M.H.S.



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