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Scott Misener Steamships Ltd., St. Catharines, has been reorganized as Misener Transportation Ltd. and will reportedly branch into other lines of transportation in addition to its present lake shipping activities.

PIC RIVER, presently lying at Strathearne Terminals, Hamilton, has been renamed PIC R. and her stack has been painted black. It seems likely that the name PIC RIVER will be used by Q & O for another vessel of the fleet, possibly one of the former Hindman steamers. In the St. Catharines Standard of October 28th, Q & O announced that it was intending to retire four ships, of which two would be PIC RIVER and BLACK RIVER. A guess that the other two might be HERON BAY and SHELTER BAY would not be far wrong. As we go to press, HERON BAY is en route to Port Cartier with a cargo of grain, and from there she will proceed to Quebec City where she will lay up, her certificate having expired. At the present time, BLACK RIVER and SHELTER BAY are still operating and it is assumed that they will finish out the season before being withdrawn from service.

Meanwhile, the Q & O motorship FRANQUELIN, which grounded below Beauharnois on September 26 and was subsequently taken to Canadian Vickers at Montreal for repairs, is caught in the yard due to labour problems. We understand that Q & O has chartered other tonnage to take her place until she can be extricated from her predicament.



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