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-- LEADALE was towed from Toronto to Hamilton on August 24 to keep her date with the scrappers.

-- While Collingwood Shipyards explores the chances of building facilities to handle 1,000-foot lakers, Port Weller Dry Docks Ltd. is studying the possibility of building a large new yard on Lake Erie near Nanticoke. The company would build 1,000-footers in sections at Port Weller and join them together at the new yard.

-- GEORGE A. STINSON was pulled early from the AmShip yard at Lorain to avoid having her trapped by labour problems. Towed to Detroit where she was christened on August 21st, she will be completed at Nicholson's Dock.

--- Work is progressing well at Gravenhurst on the restoration of the Muskoka Lake steamer SEGWUN. A full report will appear in our next issue.



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