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1911 - 1977

Prince Edward County, with its 400 miles of shoreline, is an area rich in marine history. The death of Willis Metcalfe of Black Creek on Wednesday, September 28th, 1977, has brought a sudden end to nearly fifty years of research, for Willis almost singlehandedly strove to preserve the County's marine history.

A modest, unassuming man, he gained the respect and gratitude of sailors, fishermen and their relatives. They gave their treasured artifacts in such quantity that it created the Canadian Great Lakes' largest personal museum. In addition to writing several books on the subject, Willis also encouraged and assisted historians who sought his help.

We, his fellow members of the Toronto Marine Historical Society, extend our deepest sympathy to his wife, Ruth Cole, to his children Betty Anne, Jim, Rose Marie and Lincoln, and to other members of his family. The ranks of lake marine historians will be much the poorer for his passing.

L. Joyce


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