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The May meeting was a resounding success with a full complement of members assembled to enjoy together some pleasant refreshment, a delicious meal and the most interesting address given by Peter Worden of Northville, Michigan. If you were not there, then you missed a great evening. Our thanks go not only to Pete for coming such a long distance for the occasion but also to Gordon Turner and to Bill Wilson of the program committee for their efforts in arranging the dinner meeting.

Membership Fees are now due and payable. Your Executive Committee has reviewed the fee structure and despite recent costly increases in postage rates, it has been decided that we can operate for a further year with no increase in membership fees. Accordingly, fees of $10.00 per member are now due and should be forwarded as soon as possible to the Treasurer, Mr. James M. Kidd, 83 Humberview Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 1W9.

This being the last issue of the current volume of our publication, we should like to thank all those who have sent articles to us and who have kept us supplied with news items. Without your assistance we could not produce this newsletter and we trust that we shall have your continuing support.

In the New Member Department, a hearty welcome goes out to Kevin Kocarik of Welland and to Gordon Hunt of Ward's Island, Toronto.


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