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The Editor's Notebook
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Farewell John Kendall
You Asked Us
Bellechasse Again
Earl E. Belcher
Ship of the Month No. 62 SAND MERCHANT
Lay-up Listings
Table of Illustrations
1 IMPERIAL ST. CLAIR, vicim of a late-season grounding, is shown inbound at Toronto's Eastern Gap in this October 14, 1975 photo by the Editor
2 Detroit firetug JOHN KENDALL givs a farewell salute to SOUTH AMERICAN in honour of her departure on her final voyage, October 16, 1967. PHoto by the Editor
3 This is SAND MERCHANT as she appeared at the time of her loss. Photo from the collection of Capt. John Leonard shows her upbound in the Galops section of the Williamsburg Canal, St. Lawrence River.

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