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Last month we threw out to our readers a question concerning the scrapping of the steamer OUTARDE (II). We have had no replies to our enquiry and so we are as yet unable to help out member Jim Kaysen who posed the question.

Meanwhile, member Robert Ireland of London has asked for information on the tugs KEENAN and MINNIE A. CLARK. Our records on these two vessels are far from complete but we'll pass along what we have. We would appreciate hearing from any reader who may have more information on either of these tugs.

MINNIE A. CLARK (C.116362) was a wooden tug built in 1903 at Goderich. She measured 69.3 x 15.0 x 6.5, Gross 36 and Net 25. Her machinery (of what sort we do not know) developed 11 H.P. She operated for many years out of Owen Sound and the 1914 and 1918 registers show her owners as the Dominion Fish Company Ltd., Winnipeg. We know nothing of her final disposition except that she was apparently out of documentation by the second war.

KEENAN (C.122414) was a wooden tug built in 1907 at Midland as (a) WINNANNA. She was burned at Tobermory on October 12, 1909 and the wreck was later purchased by the Keenan Towing Company Ltd., Owen Sound. Renamed (b) KEENAN, she was rebuilt in 1910 at Owen Sound, 91.0 x 20.8 x 10.0, Gross 133. Net 91. Her machinery (type unknown) gave 37.5 H.P. KEENAN ran out of Owen Sound until about 1936 when she was sold to J. P. Porter and Sons Ltd., Montreal. She was observed on at least one occasion in Toronto subsequent to this sale. The tug was out of documentation by 1946 although she was still in the Porter fleet during the early years of the war. Her final disposition is unknown


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