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Table of Illustrations
1 The date is May 18, 1975 and THORNHILL, a part-cargo to be unloaded, is making her approach to the Sarnia Elevator. Photo by the Editor.
2 This photo by J. H. Bascom shows the now-retired CLARENCE B. RANDALL downbound in the St. Mary's River abreast of Frechette Point. The date is July 29, 1975.
3 The camera of Bill Bruce caught BROOKDALE (II) moored alongside the hull of CHEMBARGE 2 and unloading sand in the North Slip at Point Edward on May 24, 1976.
4 The newly-restored Toronto Island ferry TRILLIUM is seen departing the dock at Hanlan's Point in this June 6, 1976 photo by the Editor.
5 This is SARNOR as she appeared in drydock at Buffalo on June 1st, 1917, a scant two months before the eruption of the legal battle over her ownership.

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