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The Editor's Notebook
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We've had postal strikes before, but the one just ended takes the prize as the longest such disturbance in Canada's history. As a result, we have been cut off from many of our correspondents, have been unable to mail the "Scanner" to our members, and worst of all we have not received all of the membership renewals which should have reached us. Some of our U.S. members may have been shocked by the arrival of the November issue with a Buffalo postmark on it - we held them for several weeks hoping that our local difficulties would be ended but we finally resorted to mailing them across the border. Nevertheless, the scandalous mess in the Post Office seems to have been resolved and we'll now do our best to bring up to date all those who have missed hearing from us.

It's quickly getting around to that time of year when the shipping world goes into winter quarters. There's a touch of snow in the air and a cold haze hangs over the lake waters as the freighters head for the safety of a snug harbour berth to wait for the warmer and brighter days of the spring. It means that we observers will have time to stow away all the photos and "objects" that we collected during the summer and to get our cameras in good shape for the coming navigation season. And it also means that it's time for us to extend to each and every one of our members and their families the very best of wishes for a very Merry Christmas and for success and happiness in the New Year.


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