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The sale for scrapping of the steamer CRISPIN OGLEBAY seems to have touched off a round of name changes in the fleet of the Columbia Transportation Division, Oglebay Norton & Company, The OGLEBAY name is, of course, one of some considerable importance to the firm and it was not supposed that the fleet would take long in giving the name to another of its ships. The change actually came even faster than your editor had anticipated, and we can now report that when the steamer J. H. HILLMAN JR. emerges from the yard of the American Shipbuilding Company at Toledo where she has been undergoing conversion to a self-unloader, she will be carrying the name CRISPIN OGLEBAY. In addition, the self-unloader FRANK PURNELL (a sistership of the HILLMAN) will be rechristened ROBERT C. NORTON in time for the beginning of the 1974 season. The present ROBERT C. NORTON , a self-unloader equipped with both deck cranes and a boom and the proud possessor of just about the sweetest-sounding steam whistle on the lakes, will henceforth sail under the name BUCKEYE. This name is no stranger to the company's operations as it was carried by a previous craneship owned by Columbia.

Another upcoming change of name concerns the tanker TOMMY WIBORG which was purchased by the Hall Corporation during 1973 but which has not as yet entered the Great Lakes. No official announcement has been made, but we understand that the salt-water-type tanker will bear the name UNGAVA TRANSPORT when she makes her first appearance in our area. The name makes reference to both a peninsula and a bay located in the far northern reaches of Quebec province directly across the Hudson Strait from Baffin Island. No doubt the ship will be one of those used during the summer months to ferry supplies to the Arctic area.


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