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Believe it or not, that is the title of a feature article which appeared in the September 16th magazine section of the Sunday Cleveland Plain Dealer. Not only does the excellent illustrated story by Dwight Boyer about the CHARLES DICK spread itself over six pages inside the magazine, but there, plain as day right on the cover, is the smiling face of our fellow member Capt. John Leonard, skipper of the DICK!

Now it's not often that a sandsucker and her Master achieve such heights of publicity of the favourable variety. In the past few years, every time the name CHARLES DICK has hit the papers, it has been the result of the loud noises made by residents of Lake Erie's north shore who have the temerity to claim that sandsucking operations out in the lake have been causing shoreline erosion problems!

We are very happy to see that after all these years of faithful service the DICK and Capt. John are finally getting their well deserved accolades. For those who have not seen the article, we can heartily recommend that you try to obtain a copy. That is, unless the DICK's crewmen have bought up all the copies themselves!


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