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You might call us bears for punishment, but we are going to stick our necks out again and announce that there is a good possibility of a dinner meeting for our May meeting. Due to the disaster of last May, it will be nothing fancy and will probably be held in the Ship Inn at the Museum. Now, here is the point. We are only trying a dinner again because so many of you expressed regrets at the cancelling of the last one. We MUST have your full support and co-operation or else we are out of the dinner business for good. Even if we cannot yet give you complete details on cost, we would ask that each and every person who is interested and who will show, if he says he will drop us a note to let us know. Remember that guests are always welcome, and that includes wives even!

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that the February, issue was numbered Volume V -No. 4. We have red faces - it should have been No. 5!

For the first time in several years, our Fleet List this month deals with an American lake company. We hope you like it, but remember that we can always use your suggestions for fleets to do in the future. We have turned to a pair of famous Toronto Island ferries for our Ship of the Month, and you will be seeing a few more old ferries described in these pages in the future, thanks to public demand.

In the New Member Department, a most hearty welcome goes out to Ron Ruck of Hamilton and Charles Tully of Thorold.


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