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Every so often, your editor gets involved in research on some point of marine history and winds up dreaming about writing a book on the subject. Nothing ever gets accomplished, however, since we never seem to have enough time to look after our present projects much less bite off a chore of this magnitude. Some day.........

Nevertheless, some of our members do have the time to do some writing and when their works are published we feel they are deserving of a few words in these pages. This is especially true in the case of Daniel C. Mccormick of Massena, New York, whose first major published effort "The Wishbone Fleet" has recently appeared.

This work is a 126-page soft-cover book printed on 8 1/2 x 11 stock. It deals with the oft-confusing story of the marine operations of the Hall Corporation Ltd. and the George Hall Corporation together with their various associated companies. The interaction between the Canadian and American Hall companies has long been a source of trouble for marine historians who would seek to comprehend the corporate history of the fleet, but Mr. Mccormick has done much to make things more clear. In addition to dealing with corporate matters, he has included a detailed individual profile of the history of each ship which has served the fleet, together with an excellent selection of photographs illustrating the majority of ships operated.

In addition, the book contains other interesting material, including legal documents relating to the loss of two of the company's vessels, AYCLIFFE HALL and MONT LOUIS, as well as an account of the delivery voyage of the steamer LUCIUS W. ROBINSON from Montreal to Shanghai in 1946 after she was sold to Nationalist Chinese operators.

In short, "The Wishbone Fleet" is an excellent reference work and one that should have a place in the library of any serious marine enthusiast. We recommend it to pur readers and would suggest that interested parties contact Mr. Mccormick at 1 Isabel Street, Massena, New York 13662, for further information.


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