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Those present at the October meeting not only saw a good selection of slides dealing with our members' summer shipping activities, but were involved in a discussion of your Executive's ideas on a better format for our meetings. We hope to put the new arrangements into effect at the November meeting -- drop around to one of our get-togethers and see if you don't notice an improvement.

In addition, it was stated that your Executive wished to see more members lending a hand at meetings and in the operation of the Society. In particular, it was hoped that Messrs. Bruce Smith, Dyke Cobb, Bill Wilson and Jack Heintz would agree to being "conscripted" for active service!

As an additional comment, your Editor wishes to make it quite clear that he is aware of the desire on the part of many of our members for more news and articles dealing with salt water vessels. He is, however, unable to supply this information himself and would suggest that those involved make an effort to contribute items of interest, such as the excellent article by Gordon Turner in last month's issue. 'Nuff said?

In the New Member Department, a most hearty welcome goes out to Martin R. Bliss of Stockbridge, Michigan.


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