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Special Offer For T.M.H.S. Members
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Several issues back, we commented on the release of the most recent offering in lake history by Freshwater Press, the reprint of "The Great Lakes," a 2-volume set published originally in 1899 by Beers. For many years, the set has been in great demand but supply has been short and prices for copies when available, have been greatly inflated.

The reprinted set features exact reproduction of the original text and illustrations. Volume I deals in depth with the history of the lakes and lake shipping, while Volume II contains the biographies of about 1500 lake men including owners and captains. The set is really a must for all historians.

The set of two volumes is being offered at a price of $50.00, or each volume separately for $30.00 each. However, due to a special arrangement which we have made with Freshwater Press Inc., we are able to offer the set at a substantial saving. Interested parties are invited to write in care of the Editor for details.


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