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It is with deep regret that we report the death at Leamington, Ontario, on August 7, 1972, of Mr. Cecil E. Stein, a valued member of the Toronto Marine Historical Society.

Mr. Stein, who was 62 years of age at the time of his death, was born in Kincardine, Ontario, and lived latterly in Wheatley where he operated for a number of years an egg and poultry station. He had long been an avid marine historian and his interests ran strongly to the sailing vessels which were once such an integral part of the lake shipping scone. He belonged to eight other historical societies in addition to T.M.H.S.

He had written two books, "The Wreck of the Erie Belle" and "Legends of the Lakes", and was also a frequent contributor to the papers of the southwestern Ontario region.

Our Society and many other groups will be the poorer for his passing.


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