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As a service to our members, we continue with our reviews of publications produced by members of T.M.H.S.

HISTORY OF THE GREAT LAKES - Freshwater Press Inc., Cleveland ................$45.00

This fine two-volume work on the history of our lakes was originally published in 1899 by J.H. Beers & Sons. Unfortunately, both volumes of the original printing are now extremely rare and when they do appear, the pricetag can be a real shock.

The two volumes have now been reprinted by Freshwater Press Inc., one of the enterprises of member John O. Greenwood of Cleveland. The reproduction is exact and there are no additions or deletions of material from the original text or photographs. The first volume gives a detailed history of the lakes and their development as well as much information on the ships that were sailing at the turn of the century, as well as many that had passed from the scene already. The second volume is purely biographical and gives excellent details on the lives of many familiar vessel operators and masters, together with others connected with the shipping scene.

The volumes are available separately for the price of $30.00 each, or together for a total price of $45.00 on orders postmarked before May 10, 1972. After that date, the price of the two volumes together will be $50.00. No matter what the price, these volumes are a must for the library of any serioua student of lake shipping. Orders should include remittance (postage is paid by the publisher) and should be addressed to Freshwater Press Inc., Room 446, The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio, 44114, U.S.A.


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