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We have learned that the vessels which U. S. Steel will not operate this year are WILLIAM P. PALMER, J. P. MORGAN JR., PERCIVAL ROBERTS JR., WILLIAM J. FILBERT, GEORGE G. CRAWFORD, PETER A. B. WIDENER, HENRY H. ROGERS, HOMER D. WILLIAMS. Somehow we still cannot make our number of operating vessels agree with that announced by the company, but U. S. Steel must use different mathematics than we do. The WILLIAMS, one of the repowered tinstackers, is a surprise on the non-operative list but she apparently is in need of shaft repairs.

The Maid of the Mist Steamboat Co. Ltd., has announced that a third vessel for the fleet is currently under construction at Wheatley, Ontario. The company currently operates two diesel excursion vessels built at Owen Sound during the mid-1950's to replace an earlier pair of wooden steamers. The motorship will be named MAID OF THE MIST (III) and will have a capacity of 150 passengers. She will be sailed as far as Chippawa and then trucked to Niagara Falls where she will be lowered into the gorge by cranes.

The Cleveland Board of Education is seeking to obtain the former U. S. Coast Guard tender WOODBINE for a floating training ship for students of diesel engineering and oceanographical and ecological studies. If the project is approved, the vessel would be moored on the Cleveland waterfront.

Port Weller Drydocks Limited expects to launch its Hull 55 in April. The ship will be a 683-foot automobile and newsprint carrier for the Burnett Steamship Co., Ltd, Immediately after her launch, work will be commenced on a sister vessel.

Reports from Sault Ste. Marie state that the craneship YANKCANUCK is carrying a new stack design now that she is a unit of the Marine Division, Algoma Steel Corp. The stack is painted blue with a white band and black top, and carries a red "A" on the lower portion of the funnel.



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