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Our February Meeting was capably addressed by Mr. Thomas Appleton, the Marine Historian of the Canadian Department of Transport. He showed some excellent slides of various vessels operated by the Department and its predecessors over the years and told many fascinating anecdotes of the service. Our only wish is that there had been more time so that we could have heard more from Mr. Appleton.

Our sincere thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. Appleton for coming all the way from Ottawa in just about the worst weather of the winter to speak to T.M.H.S. They only got as far as Brockville by car and had to take the train the rest of the way. Some of our nearby members also had some considerable trouble in getting to the meeting. Just ask Al Sagon-King!

We should like to thank several members who have stepped forward with suggestions for articles in SCANNER. Our Ship of the Month in this issue is the result of one of these suggestions. May we hear from more of our readers?

In the New Member Department, we should like to extend a most cordial welcome to Patrick Hardy of Toronto, and to Milton J. Brown of Rocky River, Ohio, as well as to Nels Wilson and Miss Barbara Carson of Kingston, Ontario.


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