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The Editor's Notebook
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We think that now would be a good time to thank our Program Committee members "Scotty" McCannell and Gordon Turner for their excellent work in lining up our current series of meetings. These fellows have jumped into a difficult task with great enthusiasm and are doing an admirable job.

While we are handing out thanks, we should mention all those correspondents who do such a great job of digging up news items for us during the year. We are not thinking solely of those within the shipping business who keep us up to date on major developments, but also of those among us whose interest is non-professional and who report their observations. Without their help, we would have a hard time filling these pages. However, as mentioned last month, we do need your help in suggesting subjects for feature articles. We cannot hope to please many members if we do not know what your interests are.

In the New Member Department, wo extend a most hearty welcome to C. E. Stein of Wheatley, Ontario.


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