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Listed are salt water ships which have traded into the lakes along with some former names under which they may have appeared in these parts. We also include well-known coastal vessels.

ANGOLAKUST, 3356, 1955. Dutch. Sold Cypriot. Renamed AKRA TENARON.

ANIK (GHISLAIN, GHISLAIN MARIE), 1134, 1969. Canadian. Sold to Cayman Islands. renamed MAYA.

ARIA (GLYNN), 6906, 1947. Cypriot. Sold to Spanish breakers.

CHRISTIANE SCHULTE, 2197, 1959. West German. Sold Liberian, renamed CITTA DI ALESSANDRIA.

FINNAMORE VALLEY, 10456, 1961. British. Sold Ceylonese, Renamed LANKA RANI.

GEMINI EXPORTER (MANCHESTER EXPORTER), 7403, 1952, Greek. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

GLOBAL VENTURE (ANTIOPE) 706l, 1941. Panamanian. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

IRIS (MARANON, DUNKERY BEACON), 8479, 1959. Cypriot. Sold, within Cyprus.

IRISH ASH, 7949, 1958. Irish. Sold Greek. Renamed ALIAKMON POWER.

MAGDEBURG, 2696, 1952. West German. Sold Liberian. Renamed RAFAELA.

MARATHA ENDEAVOUR, 11211, 1962. Bahamian. Sold Cypriot. Renamed OLYMPIAN.

NISSOS PSARA (MICHIGAN, HELGA SMITH (I)), 1700, 1947. Greek. Sold within Greece. Renamed MEDATLANTIC.

ORIENT TRANSPORTER, 5684, 1949. Greek. Sold Turkish, after engine breakdown, for use as a barge.

SANDRA (RIALTO),4993, 1949. Cypriot. Sold to Mainland Chinese breakers.

SCHEERSBURG A. (SCHEERSBERG), 1771, 1955. Liberian. Sold Greek. Renamed HARCULA.

SEPT ILES, 12282, 1955. Canadian. Sold Liberian.

WESTERN PRINCE (MANCHESTER TRADER), 7726, 1955. British. Sold Cypriot. Renamed MARINER.


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