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Listed are salt water ships which have traded into the lakes along with some former names under which they may have appeared in these parts.

AFRICAN PRINCE (PINEMORE), 3597, 1955, British. Sold within Britain.

ANASTASIA (BROOMPARK), 7965, 1959. Greek. Sold Cypriot.

ANNE, 10190, 1958. Norwegian. Sold Mainland Chinese.

AROMA (ANGLIAN), 2214, 1947. Panamanian. Sold within Panama, renamed FROMA.

ATHELDUKE, 11102, 1968. British, Renamed ANCO DUKE.

ATHELKNIGHT, 11096, 1968. British. Renamed ANCO KNIGHT.

AZURE COAST II (MANCHESTER REGIMENT), 7638, 1947. Cypriot. Sold to Singapore buyers.renamed PU GOR.

BEAVEROAK, 6165, 1956. British. Lengthened and converted to container ship, 7105 Gross, Renamed C. P, AMBASSADOR.

BRISTOL CITY, 5728, 1959, British. Sold Greek, renamed AGELOS GABRIEL.

DEA BROVIG, 10917, 1951, Norwegian. Sold Cypriot.

BURRARD, 9251, 1956. Norwegian. Sold within Norway, renamed TERNEFJELL.

BYKLEFJELL, 6531, 1952, Norwegian. Sold within Norway, renamed CURLING.

CAPE RONA (RONACASTLE), 12234, 1962. Norwegian. Renamed RONACASTLE.

CECILIENNE (CECILIENNE MARIE), 489, 1939. Canadian. Sold within Canada; renamed MARINE TRADER.

CONCORDIA LOUD (LORD VIKING), 5010, 1960. Norwegian. Sold Panamanian; renamed LORD VIKING, then HORIZON.

CRYSTAL CROWN, 8671, 1957. British. Sold Liberian; renamed PEARL ASIA.

DAGFRED 10108, 1953. Norwegian. Sold Cypriot; renamed APOLLONIAN.

EBBA (ELSIE WINCK), 2555, 1955. West German. Sold Greek.

ELIN HOPE, 9139, 1961. Norwegian. Sold Somalian; renamed FUCHUNKIANG.

FIDELITY R. (CORONA SUNVALLEY), 4885, 1949. Liberian. Sold within Liberia; renamed CHIK CHAU.

GAELIC PRINCE (MINA, PRINS WILLEM V), 1938, 1956. Greek. Renamed MINA.

ILIAS (BALLYGALLY HEAD), 959. 1954. Italian. Renamed ILO.

IRIS (MARANON, DUNKERY BEACON), 8479, 1959. Greek. Sold Cypriot.

IVINGHOE BEACON, 9646. 1954. British. Sold Cypriot; renamed GEORGIOS T.

JUNA (CORNWALL), 6796, 1952. British. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

KENTUCKIAN (TRANSCAPE), 9637, 1945. American. Sold Panamanian; renamed OSSIA,

LARA VIKING (SVANEFJELL), 3875. 1962. Norwegian. Renamed CONCORDIA LARA.

LEARINA, 5104. 1958. West German. Sold Liberian.

LISBOA, 2434, 1950. West German, Sold within West Germany.

MANCHESTER COMMERCE, 8724, 1963. British. Sold Somalian; renamed BER SEA.

MANCHESTER FAITH, 4411. 1959. British. Sold Liberian; renamed ILKON TAK.

MANCHESTER FAME, 4412, 1959. British. Sold Liberian; renamed ILKON NIKI.

MANCHESTER MILLER, 8378. 1959. British. Converted to container ship, 10149 Gross; renamed MANCHESTER QUEST.

MARIA FAUSTA (MARIA FAUSTA G.) 2095. 1950, Liberian, Sold within Liberia.

MEDIA, 5149. 1963. British. Sold Australian.

MONTCALM, 6950. 1960. British. Transferred to Italian subsidiary; renamed CAPO SAN MARCO.

NARCEA (ULYSSES), 8608. 1942. Liberian. Sold to British breakers.

OLAU GORM, 4687. 1952. Danish. Sold Greek; renamed SANTA EXDOCIA.

OLAU JARL, 3054. 1964. Danish. Sold Singapore; renamed NEPTUNE BERYL.

LUDOLF OLDENDORFF, 2388, 1952. West German. Sold Italian.

PARTHIA, 5149. 1963. British. Sold Australian.

PATRAIC SKY (DOVE), 7172. 1943. Liberian, Sold to Yugoslav breakers.

AUD PRESTHUS, 4998. 1953. Norwegian. Sold within Norway.

PRODROMOS VITA (KUNGALAND), 7721. 1951. Liberian. Sold within Liberia; renamed BERYL.

KONSUL RETZLAFF, 1599. 1964. West German. Sold British; renamed NORSTONE.

STE MARGUERITE, 411. 1944. Canadian. Sold within Canada.

SCHERPENDRECHT, 9505. 1955. Dutch. Sold Cypriot; renamed NIKE.

ELISABETH SCHULTE, 2285. 1956. West German. Sold Liberian,

SCOTIA, 5354. 1966. British. Sold Singapore; renamed NEPTUNE AMBER.

SONIA D. (ELISE MARIE, MONROE), 371. 1936. Canadian. Sold within Canada.

SOULA (ARNFINN STANGE), 10164. 1953. Liberian. Renamed OROUTSA.

SPARTO (CAPTANTONIS), 9460, 1957. Greek. Sold Somalian; renamed SAPPHIRE.

TAKESHIMA MARU, 8853. 1952. Japanese. Sold Cypriot; renamed MY.

THESSALY, 7299, 1957. British. Sold Far Eastern.

TRISTAN, 4714. 1956, Swedish. Sold Cypriot; renamed MIMI M.

TSUNESHIMA MARU, 9357. 1953. Japanese, Sold Cypriot; renamed JUNE.

VICTORIAN MARIE, 754. 1948. Canadian. Sold within Canada.



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