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or Hallelujah, Someone Cares!

Very seldom during these years of great change in the marine situation does there come along any news that is really thrilling to the shipwatcher. Nevertheless, that moment is now at hand, and your Editor has the pleasure of writing an article that he never dreamed would be possible.

Yes, it is true. The DELTA QUEEN has been saved! Our readers will remember that our last report had the old girl tied up at New Orleans with no prospect of any further operation. But things have changed, and Congress has approved a three year exemption for the ship from the 1966 Safety-at-Sea requirements.

We started out to outline the course of the new legislation, but that has no place in this report. What is important is that the inland waters of Worth America will have one steam passenger service for three more years. Granted, it is not a Great Lakes service, but we will take what we can get. Even this cannot last forever.

As soon as the Greene Line announces its plans for DELTA QUEEN, we will pass the information along. Meanwhile, we will just rejoice in the fact that for once "progress" has not been able to destroy one of the truly great pleasures in this world. What better Christmas gift than life for a QUEEN?


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