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Listed are salt water ships which have traded into the lakes along with former names under which they may have appeared in these parts.

AKROTIRI (LUKSEFJELL) See previous report. Sold to Roumanian breakers.

CHRISTIAN (CHRISTIAN SARTORI), 2376, 1955. Cypriot. Sold within Cyprus and renamed INDEPENDENT PIONEER.

CURSA (CATHERINE SARTORI), 2842, 1954. Vest German. Sold Cypriot and renamed MICHRIS.

IVINGHOE BEACON, 13965, 1954. British. Sold Greek.

MANCHESTER EXPORTER, 7403, 1952. British. Sold Greek and renamed GEMINI EXPORTER.

MANCHESTER FAITH (CAIRNESK), 6228, 1959. British. Sold Greek.

MANCHESTER FAME (CAIRNGLEN), 6228, 1959. British. Sold Greek.

OLAU GORM, 6100, 1952. Danish. Sold Greek.

PACSEA (CONTINENTAL TRADER), 17529, 1953. Liberian. Sold Panamanian.

POLARGLIMT, 9999, 1958, Norwegian. Sold to Singapore buyers and renamed LALINDA.

PRINSES MARGRIET, 9336, 1961, Dutch. Sold to Republic of Nauru and renamed ENNA G.

RATHLIN HEAD, 7378, 1953. British. Sold Cypriot and renamed GEORGE.

SENEGAL (LABRADOR, FALCO), 1835, 1947. West German. Sold Greek.

SPARTO (CAPTANTONIS), 134OO, 1957. British. Sold Far Eastern.

TAMPICO (BEATE BOLTEN), 2676, 1954. Liberian. Sold Greek and renamed ROSELEN.

TUSCANY, 7240, 1956. British. Sold within U.K. and renamed FEDERAL HUDSON.


WOODVILLE, 9499, 1958. Norwegian. Sold Liberian and renamed ANGEL.

YASUSHIMA MARU, 9440, 1958. Japanese. Sold Liberian and renamed VENUS ARGOSY.


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