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Listed are salt water ships which have traded into the lakes along with former names under which they may have appeared in these parts.

ALMERIAN (ASIA, ASSYRIA), 3649, 1956, British. Sold Cypriot, renamed THEOKLETOS.

ATHANASIA (BASSANO), 4984, 1946, Greek. Sold to Mainland Chinese breakers.

ATLANTIC DUKE, 10930, 1952, Liberian. Sold to Italian breakers.

ATOMENA, 22310, 196l, Swedish. Sold Italian.

GUY BARTHOLOMEW, 3636, 1943, Canadian. Sold within Canada, renamed FORT KENT.

BRISTOL CITY, 8907, 1959, British. Sold Greek.

CATE BROVIG, 16210, 1952. Norwegian. Sold Greek.

GUNNAR BROVIG, 9882, 1949, Norwegian. Sold to Spanish breakers.

BYKLEFJELL, 8500, 1952, Norwegian. Sold within Norway.

EXILONA, 6445, 1943, American. Sold within U. S. , renamed ILONA.

ISOLDE, 6892, 1956. Swedish. Sold Panamanian.

JULIA (SANTA CECILIA), 8357, 1946. American. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

LOUIS L. D., 11280, 1957, French. Sold to London Greeks.

MARATHA ENDEAVOUR, 15380, 1962, British. Sold Greek.

MORMACFIR, 10690, 1945, American. Sold within U. S.

MORMACOAK, 7329, 1944, American. Sold within U.S., renamed OAK. Resold to Taiwan breakers.

MORMACPINE, 10624, 1945. American. Sold within U.S. Resold to Taiwan breakers.

PACIFIC ENDEAVOUR (SUVA BREEZE), 4970, 1943, Panamanian. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

PRINS PHILIPS WILLEM, 5120, 1950, Dutch. Sold Greek, renamed CAPETAN GEORGIS.

SAN GERASIMOS (WILHELM NUBEL) 2736, 1950. Lebanese. Sank in heavy weather in Ionian Sea after machinery failure.

SUNDOVE (MABELLA) 3890, 1960, Norwegian. Sold Greek; renamed ASTRONAFTIS.

TAKESHIMA MARU, 11880, 1952, Japanese. Sold Greek.

TIA PEPITA (FLYING SPRAY), 5092, 1944, Panamanian. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

TSUNESHIMA MARU, 11945, 1953, Japanese. Sold Greek.

U. S. TOURIST, 7646, 1944, American. Sold to Taiwan breakers.

VENUS VICTORY, 7611, 1945. Liberian. Sold to Taiwan breakers.



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