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Any of our members who might read over the recent newsletters of this Society, will note that scarcely does a month go by without this column carrying some mention of George M. Steinbrenner or the Kinsman Marine Transit Company. The Kinsman fleet has never been among the largest of the lake shipping companies, but it has certainly been one of the most newsworthy, particularly in view of its apparent ability to operate successfully with a collection of some of the smaller and older ships on the lakes. The Cleveland based company is in the news again this month as a result of the purchase from the Interlake Steamship Company of the E. A. S. CLARKE. The CLARKE, built in 1907 and 532 feet in length, has been idle for almost a decade and will certainly require considerable work if she is to be reactivated this season as planned. Presumably the work will be done at Lorain.

The U. S. Corps of Engineers has a rather unusual task to perform if the Black River at Lorain is to be navigable at full draft this year. Eight large concrete keel blocks disappeared recently from the shipyard and it is believed that they froze to the hull of the laker SPARROWS POINT, which was drydocked there, and were carried out into the channel when the ship was refloated! Search operations are underway.

Recently we reported that Canadian Pacific wished to dispose of their passenger liner EMPRESS OF ENGLAND. It has now come to light that the ship has been sold to the Shaw Savill Line of London, England.

The first commercial vessel movement of the year in Toronto Harbour took place on March 23rd when the AVONDALE moved from her lay-up berth in the Ship Channel to the Victory Mills Elevator to unload her cargo of beans. Unlike the other self-unloaders laid up here that could unload with auxiliary power, the AVONDALE cannot unload without steam from her boilers and it seems that her owners considered it more economical to move her under her own steam as well,

SALTY CHANGES (All these vessels have traded into the Great Lakes)

AGGI (MOSNES), 4989, 1937, Norwegian, sold Greek and renamed DEFTERON.

ALBATROS (MARIA STATHATOS) 7249, 1943, Liberian, to Italian breakers.

AMARYLLIS (PRINS WILLEM II), 1965, 1955, Greek; renamed GOTHIC PRINCE.

ATID (FERDINANDSTOR), 1365, 1953, Israeli; sold Greek and renamed POSEIDON.

ATLANTIC BARONET, 11524, 1952, Liberian; sold to Spanish breakers.

BELBETTY, 3984, 1949, Norwegian; sold Greek and renamed DIMITRIOS,

BINKY (OLYMPOS, AKTION), 8450. 1943, Liberian; sold to Taiwan breakers.

CAIRNGOWAN (MANCHESTER ENGINEER), 7419, 1952, British; sold Cypriot and renamed GEORGILOS.

EVA (TRONSTAD), 1995, 1956, British; renamed CARIBBEAN TAMANAGO.

HERACLITOS, 7356, 1947, Greek; sold Cypriot and renamed HERODEMOS.

HERMANOS (GOWRIE), 2675, 1944, Greek; sold to Italian breakers.

HIRAM, 7032, 1961, Norwegian; sold Chilean and renamed LONGAVI.

MIDDLESEX TRADER, 14111, 1963, British; sold Greek and renamed HOMER.

MORMACOAK, 10649, 1944, American; sold to other U.S. owners.

NAIADE (NAJADE), 1260, 1954, Liberian; sold and renamed BEYROUTH.

NAIS (REINHART LORENZ RUSS), 2697, 1951, Greek; sank after collision near Singapore.

ORIENT MARINER, 9483, 1964, Greek; sold Italian and renamed LUIGI D'AMICO.

PRINSES EMILIA, 4789, 1954, Dutch; sold to unidentified buyers.

PRINSES MARIA, 4715, 1954, Dutch; sold to unidentified buyers.

SALAMINIA (SKOGHOLM, SILJAN) 1574, 1947, Greek; sold within Greece.

SAN DENIS (MARWICK HEAD), 1786, 1952, Greek; sold within Greece.

SEA EXPRESS (SVANEFJELL), 1075, 1955, Norwegian; sold Malayan and renamed PISANG RADJA.

SENEGAL (LABRADOR, FALCO), 1835, 1947, West German; sold Greek.

JOHN F. SHEA (TRANSCAPE), 9637, 1945, American; sold within U. S. and renamed KENTUCKIAN.

STEVEN, 2332, 1957, Dutch; sold Greek and renamed AKRA AKTION.

UGAYALI (FILLEIGH), 5668, 1957, Greek; renamed ANNA MARIA S.

VARYKINO ADVENTURER (PRINS MAURITS), 3994, 1961, Greek; sold Italian breakers with serious fire damage.


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