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Canadian National has confirmed the purchase of the carferry PERE MARQUETTE 12. She will be renamed ST. CLAIR and will carry traffic which cannot be handled by the Sarnia tunnel. As of early October she was still laid up at the Chesapeake & Ohio dock at Port Huron.

The old Lake Michigan carferry GRAND HAVEN, which returned to the lakes in 1964 after many years on salt water, sank at her moorings in the Old River at Cleveland on September 19. She had not operated for her managers, T.J. McCarthy Steamship Co., Detroit, since her return. The salvage contract has been awarded to Murphy Pacific Marine Salvage Co., Merritt Division, and the work is being carried out immediately as the ship is a menace to navigation in her present position.

The following information has now come to light concerning some of the lakers which have gone overseas for scrapping this year:

C. A. BENNETT - Cleared Quebec in tow of tug ROTESAND, June 7, 1969.

HOWARD M. HANNA JR. - Cleared Quebec May 1, 1969, in tow of KORAL. Arrived at Cartagena, Spain, May 23, 1969.

MIDLAND PRINCE - Cleared Quebec in tow of ROTESAND on June 7th.

BUCKEYE - Cleared Quebec September 3, in tow of FAIRPLAY X.

FRANK E. TAPLIN - Cleared Quebec May 1st in tow of KORAL and arrived at Cartagena, Spain, on May 23rd, 1969.

BEN E. TATE - Cleared Quebec June 21st in tow of MISSISSIPPI and arrived at Bilbao, Spain, on July 12th, 1969.

GOUDREAU - Cleared Quebec June 9th in tow of KORAL and arrived at Santander, Spain.

June 27th.

LEMOYNE - Cleared Quebec June 9th in tow of KORAL and arrived safely at Santander, Spain, on June 27th, 1969.

HOWARD HINDMAN - Cleared Quebec August 13th, in tow of MISSISSIPPI.

MANITOBA - Cleared Quebec June 27th in tow of BRITONIA and arrived at Newport, England, July 19th, 1969.

DONNACONA - Cleared Quebec June 21st in tow of MISSISSIPPI, arriving at Bilbao, Spain, July 12th, 1969.

ASHCROFT - Cleared Quebec July l7th in tow of JANTAR.

J.E. UPSON - Cleared Quebec in tow of FAIRPLAY XII, August 27th.

PETER ROBERTSON - Cleared Quebec September 3rd, 1969 in tow of FAIRPLAY X.

PHILIP MINCH - Cleared Quebec September 5th in tow of JANTAR.

HARRY W. CROFT - Cleared Quebec September 5th in tow of JANTAR.

SPRUCEDALE - Cleared Quebec July 18th in tow of ROTESAND.

HUMBERDOC - Cleared Quebec August 13th, 1969, in tow of MISSISSIPPI.

SIR THOMAS SHAUGHNESSY - Cleared Quebec July 17th in tow of JANTAR.

We thank member, Dave Glick, for supplying much of the above. More on these ships will be forthcoming as the details become known.

Fraser's tug HERBERT A. looks quite smart in her new livery. The cabins are bright orange and the name Port Colborne Tug Co. appears on her nameboards. The stack is white with red top and carries a blue design bearing the letters PC in white. She has received a new bipod after mast and certain alterations to the hull.

In our last issue we neglected to mention the sinking of the Great Lakes Towing Company's tug MARYLAND in Lake Huron off Sturgeon Pt., Mich., on August 26. She was being towed by LAURENCE C. TURNER at the time.

Museum ships can still be useful. VALLEY CAMP, preserved at the Soo as a tourist attraction, provided a cylinder head for the RICHARD TRIMBLE in September so the latter could proceed to Superior where a new part could be obtained. She returned the borrowed part on her next downbound passage through the Soo.

The fleet of Cleveland Tankers Inc. has been increased by the Oct. 14 launch of a 341-foot tank barge to be christened PHOENIX. Built by Wyatt Industries at Houston, Texas, she will be brought to the lakes through the Seaway. She will be unmanned herself and will be propelled by a chartered tug. May she serve longer than CLEVECO!

C.S.L. have placed their new self-unloader TADOUSSAC in service. She is rather different in appearance with the unloading equipment aft, between her two funnels. She has a transom stern. We note that she is registered in Collingwood rather than the usual port used by C.S.L. In this direction we also see that QUETICO, formerly registered in Montreal, has been reregistered in Port Arthur following her conversion, and we can only wonder at the reason for this.

The barge WILTRANCO I, hard aground in Lake Erie since 1967, has been refloated by Clyde Van Enkevort with his tug OLIVE L. MOORE assisting. The barge was freed October 16 and is now in Buffalo. This salvor seems to succeed at "impossible" jobs as he previously removed the BUCKEYE from the beach near Port Colborne and has now salvaged the WILTRANCO I, a job no one else would touch. He also owns the barge CARTERET, which used to be towed by the MACKINAC ISLANDER in the Sault area, and is now on a Detroit construction job.

United Metals have bought BAYFAIR and BAYGEORGE, the last units of the Bayswater Shipping fleet and have moved them to Hamilton for scrapping. The same concern has recently broken up the McAllister-Pyke tug FIRE CHIEF and the salvage barge EN-AR-CO. The large tug GRAEME STEWART is due at the United Metals dock for demolition as soon as there is space for her. The barge HILDA, companion to EN-AR-CO, could not be towed to Hamilton and was sunk in Lake Ontario because of her poor condition.

Recent accidents in the Welland Canal include the striking of the seawall below the Thorold Guard Gate by the SUNRAY and the damaging of the fender in Lock 6 by the TENBURY, the latter accident happening October 21. The large Greek steamer AGIS ASTERIADIS suffered a serious engine breakdown in the canal shortly before Thanksgiving Day. This followed a variety of problems which beset the vessel while in Toronto to unload a cargo of raw sugar.

Upper Lakes Shipping have returned their RIDGETOWN to service. She had been laid up in Toronto since 1968. MEAFORD has also been fitted out for the first time this year.


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