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October Friday, October 3rd - Slides of the DELTA QUEEN.

November Friday, November 7th - Dinner Meeting. Speaker to be announced. Tickets on sale at the October meeting or contact the Treasurer, Jim Kidd. Cost is $5.00 per person.

Both meetings will be held at the Marine Museum, C.N.E. Grounds. The Dinner Meeting will be held in the Ship's Inn.... dinner to be served at 6:00 p.m.

With this issue of SCANNER, you have a new Editor and also a few changes in format which I hope will be to the liking of all our members. Perhaps the most obvious will be the new cover to kick off Volume Two, but the cover will also serve another purpose which will be announced later as a bit of a surprise. Also appearing is the beginning, however crude, of a photo page that will soon become a regular printed insert. Fred Sankoff got the newsletter off to a good start with a number of features that we will continue and we will include, wherever possible, a Ship of the Month. We have already started work on at least six fleet lists featuring lakers and salt water fleets trading into the lakes.

A good SCANNER is, we feel, the best attraction for new memberships and anyone wishing to make a contribution, whether it be an article or additions to something already printed, is welcome to write to the Editor. Remember to show the SCANNER to all your friends, as they might just want to join and get their own copy!

John Bascom, Jr., Editor.



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