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STADACONA is reported to have been sold by C. S. L. to Reoch and will be renamed NORDALE.

BELVOIR has been sold to Peruvian interests and is reported to have left Sorel about December 1st.

GLENEAGLES was damaged by fire during the week of January 10th at her winter berth in Port Colborne. The mess hall, galley and chief engineer's quarters were damaged. Repairs are already underway.

JAMES NORRIS is spending the winter in drydock at Port Weller,

Ship Registry Fees may go up shortly - Ottawa, Proposals for new shipping registration fees have been circulated to shipping companies for comment, the Transport Department said recently. The new rates, which will go into effect April 1 if approved, more than double the rates first set in 1954. There will also be a fee for fishing vessels, formerly required to register but at no charge.

Under the new rates ships less than 50 tons, formerly charged $3.00 for a first registry, will pay $10.00. Rates go to $12.00 from $4.00 for ships up to 100 tons and to $16.00 from $6.00 for those up to 200 tons. Beyond that the rate per 100 tons goes to $3.00 from $1.50.

New fees are also proposed for re-registry, change of name, transfers and other transactions relating to ships.

New Bow Section - The bow section of United States Steel Corp.'s new 858-foot ore carrier has been completed at the Lorain, Ohio, yard of American Ship Building Co., according to the shipbuilding company.

The yard also announced that work has begun on a new 1000-foot drydock in which the stern section of the new vessel is being built. Construction of the dock and stern section will be conducted simultaneously. The new ship is scheduled to be completed in 1970.

Soviet Liner - The first regularly scheduled Soviet-flag trans-Pacific freight liner service was inaugurated in Vancouver this week with the arrival of the l4,000 ton OSTROGOZHK. The ship and two others, the OLA and ORSHA, will sail between principal Japanese and B. C. ports on a regular three-week schedule,

They are owned by the State-controlled Far-East Steamship Co. of Vladivostok, The Pacific service, known as the Fesco-Pacific Line, does not belong to the trans-Pacific conference of steamship lines that sets freight rates. The new Soviet flag line is offering rates 15 percent below basic conference tariffs.


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