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Tate & Lyle Limited, Marine Division History Of Sugar Line Limited - Athel Line Limited
Ship Sales
Port Of Toronto Overseas Vessels Expected November 22nd To December 7th, 1968
Editor's Note

Name of Vessel Country Built Place DWT Price Buyer
VENI (now NEW HORIZON) (Note: This vessel passed through the Welland Canal as NEW HORIZON, exit sea 10/31/68 Norway 1961 Gothenburg 24,269
VIKARA Norway 1963 Gothenburg 15,970 $2,900,000 U.S.A. States Marine Line
MADAME BUTTERFLY Sweden 1959 Vegesack 14,651 Shipping Corp. India
MANCHESTER MARINER U. K. 1955 Birkenhead 9,692 Greece
MANCHESTER SPINNER U. K. 1952 Glasgow 10,265 230,000 Greece
CONSTANTINOPLE (Ex NATIONAL PRESTIGE) Greece 1957 Yokosuka 15,180 Liberia
FIGARO Sweden * 1959 Bremen 15,010 Shipping Corp. India


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