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Very few members sent in any news, so it was more or less up to your officers once again to provide items for the SCANNER. James Marr and Capt. Leonard were the only members who heeded the editor's request.

The Journal of Commerce dated September 12th, reports under the heading of Port Intelligence, Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 8th, arrivals, ASSINIBOIA (Canadian). The ASSINIBOIA cleared Port Weller, Ontario, 0930 hours, August 31st, 1968.

During July the Italian bulk carrier MARE TRANQUILLO, loaded 76 street cars at the port of Toronto after loading a partial shipment of grain at Duluth. Federal Commerce & Navigation Co. of Montreal had the ship on charter and handled the movement of the cars to Egypt. The M.V. MARE TRANQUILLO is 624 ft. L.O.A., 75' breadth and 23,300 tons DWT., built 1967.

The motorship NANFRI, a sister ship of the ROLWI, the largest vessel that has passed through the Seaway to date, will shortly be making her maiden voyage to Canada. The following is from the July 1968 issue of the "Motorship". The ROLWI and the NANFRI were specially built for service on the St. Lawrence Seaway. These ships were built for Rolf Wigands Redari of Bergen by Haugesund Mekaniske Verksted A/S. The length of this 35,700 tons DW vessel is 675 ft. B.P. which is equal to 50,000 tons DW ship; the breadth is 75 ft. The main engine is an 8 cyl. MAN/Kockum 12,800 BHP.

An interesting arrival at the port of Toronto, September 21st, was the Thai vessel PICHAI SAMUT registered in Bangkok. She is on charter for States Marine Lines and is discharging rubber and general cargo. This ship is a sister to the PIPAT SAMUT of which our club member, Capt. E. Ashton-Irvine, was Master until quite recently. Trust some of our members may have seen her while she was in Toronto.

The first ship of the South African Marine fleet arrived in Toronto during the month of September. The S. A. TRANSPORTER was the former Norwegian cargo ship SIMOA built by Fairfields, 1953. The S.A. TRANSPORTER is of 12,251 tons DW. Shipping Limited were her agents while in Toronto.

Thorold Tunnel opened recently and is now the only canal crossing point in Thorold. The bridge at Lock 7 is for pedestrians only. The bridge at the Guard Gate is being left in raised position pending demolition at an early date. Tunnel entrance on the west side of the canal, is from Pine St., one block west from Highway 58.

Recent Name Changes & Transfers of Ownership (Operating Vessels)

Labrador S. S. Co, (Canadian subsidiary of Pickands Mather Co., Cleveland) has sold POINTE NOIRE to Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd., Toronto.

The following barges owned by Upper Lakes and used latterly as storage vessels at Goderich, have been acquired by Ontario Hydro for use as a breakwater at Lakeview, Ontario. The barges are, JOHN A. ROEBLING, JOHN FRITZ and BRYN BARGE.

Hall Corp., Ltd., Montreal, has acquired the tankers TRANSINLAND, COASTAL CARRIER and COASTAL CREEK. All have been renamed: their new names are INLAND TRANSPORT, BAY TRANSPORT and CREEK TRANSPORT. Recent Sales - (Eventual Scrapping?)

C. A. BENNETT - acquired by Marine Salvage Ltd., Port Colborne.

DOLOMITE - acquired by Marine Salvage Ltd., Port Colborne.

EDWARD Y. TOWNSEND - acquired by Marine Salvage Ltd., Port Colborne.

ELBA - acquired by Waterman Steamship for trade-in (probable)

FRANK E. TAPLIN - acquired by Land-Sea Services for trade-in (probable).

COLLINGWOOD - Towed down Seaway, September 18th, 1968.

HAGARTY - Towed down Seaway, September 24th, 1968.

Goderich Elevator and Transit Co. have renamed their latest storage vessel LIONEL PARSONS - formerly Algoma Central's AGAWA.

Lakers Destined for Scrapping Overseas

Left May 24th, Quebec for Santander, Spain. Arrived Spain June 16th, 1968.
Left Quebec, August 26th, 1968 in tow of German Tug TOTESAND, for Bilboa, Spain.
Left Quebec in July in tandem tow for Spezia, Italy.
Left Quebec in July in tandem tow for Spezia, Italy. Arrived June l7th, 1968.
Left Quebec June l7th, 1968 in tandem tow. Arrived Santander Spain, July 8th, 1968
Sold to Steel Factors Ltd., Montreal for scrapping in Europe. Cleared Lauzon August 21st in tow of JANTAR.
Former Hindman barges arrived in June at Ramey's Bend, Port Colborne, for scrapping by Marine Salvage Ltd.

New Construction

M. V. RALPH MISENER - Diesel self unloader built by Canadian Vickers Ltd., Montreal for Scott Misener Steamships of St. Catharines. Commissioned June 11th, 1968.

M. V. CANADIAN PROGRESS - Diesel self unloader built by Port Weller Drydocks for Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd., Toronto. Passed upbound through Welland Canal on first trip, August 23rd, 1968.

M. V. LAKE MANITOBA - New Bulk Carrier built at Davie, Lauzon, Quebec, for Nipigon Transport Ltd. First trip through the Welland Canal July 31st, 1968.

THUNDER BAY - C.S.L.'s former bulk carrier has returned to service after conversion to a self unloader at Port Arthur.

HALL CORP. - A maximum size bulk carrier is under construction at Davie, Lauzon, Que.

M. V. ALGOCEN - Christened at Collingwood Friday, September 20th, 1968, for Algoma Central.


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