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Title Page
1 A place called Hamilton.
2 Public Works and Private Enterprise
3 Port Hamilton
4 1837-1839
5 Ericsson Wheels
6 1844-1847
7 Good Times in Port
8 Boom Town Days
9 Depression Years
10 Better Times Ahead
11 1867-1870
12 Prosperity for the Shipbuilders
13 The Second Railway Building Era
14 1884-1888
15 The Electric Era
16 The Iron Age
Table of Illustrations
Photograph of Louis Shickluna's shipyard at St. Catharines, reported to have been taken in 1863, showing the propeller AMERICA in the right foreground. The barkentine PRIDE OF AMERICA appears in the centre, with the propeller HER MAJESTY in the background. Photo: Author's Collection
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