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1 A place called Hamilton.
2 Public Works and Private Enterprise
3 Port Hamilton
4 1837-1839
5 Ericsson Wheels
6 1844-1847
7 Good Times in Port
8 Boom Town Days
9 Depression Years
10 Better Times Ahead
11 1867-1870
12 Prosperity for the Shipbuilders
13 The Second Railway Building Era
14 1884-1888
15 The Electric Era
16 The Iron Age
Table of Illustrations
1 Plan of City docks, 1836
2 Plan of City Docks, 1842
3 Dawing of str. Princess Royal
4 Steamer Passport, Photo Author's Collection
5 The steamboat Britannia at the Commercial Wharf
6 The steam launch HERO berthed at the foot of Simcoe Street. In the backgrond is seen the Great Western Railway passenger wharf and beyond that, the freight shed and the grain elevator. Photo: Hamilton Public Library
7 The Steamer EUROPA, at Montreal, after being broughtdown the rapids.Photo: National Archives of Canada, PA43035
8 The Great Western Railway yards and shops,showng the grain elevator built in 1862.Photo Ontario Archives S-3990
9 This woodcut shows the launch of the schooner Hercules atRobertson's Shipyard in 1863. The derrick at the right was onZealand's Wharf. Photo: Frank Woods
10 Winter sport on the Harbour in 1863. This view of the Point at the foot Bay St. shows H. L. Bastien's boathouse at the extreme right. To its left is the Smith's Grain Warehouse witha schooner frozen in in front of it. Grant's Sail Loft appears next. The schooner at the extreme left is wintering at the endof the high wharf extending out from Williamson's Grain Warehouse. Photo: Hamilton Public Library
11 Photograph of Louis Shickluna's shipyard at St. Catharines, reported to have been taken in 1863, showing the propeller AMERICA in the right foreground. The barkentine PRIDE OF AMERICA appears in the centre, with the propeller HER MAJESTY in the background. Photo: Author's Collection
12 The steamer ARGYLE berthed in the Canal Basin at Dundas Photo: Author's collection
13 Steamer MAGNET berthed at Pointe au Pic Wharf, on the lower St. Lawrence. Photo: National Archives of Canada, C-4854
14 The barkentine ETOWAH at anchor off MacKay's Wharf on her first visit to Hamilton. Photo: Author's Collection
15 The steamer CORINTHIAN in Hamilton Harbour Photo: Ontario Archives S-3999
16 The propeller HER MAJESTY in the Canal Basin at Dundas in 1868 when the Dundas Foundry ws fitting new machinery.
17 The old schooner TRADE WIND waiting for a good breeze, to start her on her way. She was built at Portsmouth in 1853 and lasted to 1909, a very long life.
18 The propeller AFRICA at Port Dalhousie during a blockade on the canal. Alongside the AFRICA are two schooners, the second of which is the JESSIE H. BRECK. At the right are the propellers MAINE and ST. ALBANS of the Northern Transportation Co. fleet Photo: Author's Collection
19 View of Zealand's Wharf, taken from the top of the high bank. At the lower left, a vessel is under construction in A. M. Robertson's Shipyard. Photo: the late Edward L. Zealand
20 City Docks, 1874
21 The Hamilton & NorthWestern Railway wharf
22 The Hamilton & NorthWestern Railway's lower trestle over Land's Inlet. The new wharf with its freight shed appears at the left. Photo: Frank Woods
23 A.D. MacKay's propeller CELTIC
24 The steam barge D.R. VAN ALLEN Photo: Oswego County Historical Society
25 The steamer ALGERIAN berthed at Swift's Wharf in Kingston Photo: Author's Collection
26 This view, lookiing north east from the foot of Catherine St. shows Myles Coal wharf on the left and Murton & Reid's wharf, with the schooner ELLA MURTON wintering, on the right. Photo: Hamilton Public Library
27 The propeller ST. MAGNUS upbound in Lock 19 of the Third Welland Canal Photo: Author's Collection
28 Captain Edward Zealand, Jr., master of the propeller ZEALAND, which foundered with all hands west of Nicholson's Island in 1880. Photo: the late Edward L. Zealand
29 West End Wharves, 1882
30 Propeller ACADIA in the Thousand Islands after she had been lengthened. Photo: Author's Collection
31 The propeller MYLES and the schooner T.R. MERRIT unloading grain at the "Town House" Elevator in Midland. Photo: Author's Collection
32 Loading Timber--The Canal at the Beach
33 The Burlington Canal, looking out toward the Lake, from the top of the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club house. The steamer MACASSA is passing the swing bridge built by the Hamilton & NorthWestern Ry. in 1876. The Main Light Station was established in 1838. In the foreground is one of the ferry slips. Photo: Author's Collection
34 Murton & Reid's coal wharf. Photo: Author's Collection
35 The schooner ST. LOUIS downbound at Lock 4 on the Third Welland Canal in tow of the tug A.D. CROSS Photo: Author's Collection
36 The steamer MODJESKA in Hamilton Harbour Photo: Author's Collection
37 The steamer MACASSA in Toronto Photo: Author's Collection
38 The propeller OCEAN is show in the second Welland Canal at St. Catharines. Astern of her is th EUROPE and at the right is the schooner AUGUSTA. The Red Mill appears in the background. The buildings at the upper right comprised McCordick's Tannery and the City Foundry & Engine Works. Photo: Author's Collection
39 The little steam launch ALFIE in the Canal Basin at Dundas. Photo: Author's Collection
40 The steamer Arabian fitting out at Robertson's Shipyard in 1892. Photo: Author's Collection
41 Steamer Arabian Photo: Oswego County Historical Society
42 The steamer CHIPPEWA leaving Toronto Photo: Author's Collection
43 The steamer Acacia in Lock 1 at Pt. Dalhousie. Photo: Author's Collection
44 The steamer CITY OF WINDSOR at Sault Ste. Marie after her service on Lake Ontario. Photo: Author's Collection
45 The propeller OCEAN hauled out on Rathbun's ways at Deseronto after her confrontation with the barge KENT.
46 The bob-tailed swing bridge with a car of the Hamilton Radial Electric Ry. crossing to Burlington Photo: Author's collection
47 Looking north, showing the Ocean House on the right and an inter-urban car heading for Hamilton Photo: Author's collection
48 The Hamilton Steel & Iron Company, 1900. This Photo was taken from the top of the Blast Furnace, and shows the Office in the foreground. Beyond the tracks in the Open Hearth shop with its two stacks and to its right is Harvey's Inlet, with Lottridge Inlet beyond it. The three short stacks belong to the Rolling Mill boiler house, behind the Open Hearth. Photo: Stelco Inc.
49 Steamer CARLO: the first deep sea tramp steamer seen in Hamilton. This shows her loading rails at Conneaut, Ohio, in June 1900 Photo: Robt. J. MacDonald, reproduced by Randolph Rhodes
50 The Hamilton Steel & Iron Company's wharf in 1900 showing the three McMyler Whirlies for unloading iron ore cargoes. Photo: Author's collection
51 Schooner STUART H. DUNN entering the Burlington Canal n 1900 with a cargo of coal. Photo: Author's Collection
52 The steamer ROSEDALE Photo: Author's Collection
53 The steamer ALGONQUIN Photo: Author's Collection

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