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In response to members' requests, we now have Society decals which are suitable for automobile windshields, etc. Measuring 1 7/8" by 2 3/8", the decals are white with green printing. The T.M.H.S. flag and maple leaf insignia (see the masthead on the cover of "Scanner") is encircled by the name "Toronto Marine Historical Society", and the word "Member" is prominently displayed near the bottom. To apply, moisten the face of the decal and affix to the underside of the glass.

Members wishing decals may address the Editor, enclosing a contribution to help defray production costs. The amount of the contribution is your choice but we must ask for at least $1.00 per decal, please. Postal costs (now 32 cents in Canada and 37 cents to the U.S.A.) prohibit the mailing of individual decals, so instead we will simply place them inside the next copy of "Scanner" to be mailed to those who have ordered. As supplies of these decals are limited, orders will be filled on a First Come - First Served basis. Please order as soon as possible.


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