Statement of Vessels on Lake Erie, October 1836

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Statement of Vessels on Lake Erie, October 1836

We have obtained, officially, the following tables, showing the number and names of all the vessels enroled at the several districts on Lake Erie, together with their tonnage and master's names. We have taken pains to get this information as correct as possible; and with perhaps an occasional error in the names of the Captains, we believe it will be found accurate.

NAME Master Tons
New York R.C. Bristol 325.32
Wm. F.P. Taylor Chas. H. Merrick 95.36
Gov. Marcy [ ]
Daniel Webster Morris Tyler 358.10
Ohio P. Sheinholdts 187.85
Charles Townsend Simeon Fox 312.58
Niagara Charles Burnett 156.92
Mazeppa Lyman Stevens 56.34
Caroline James Sloan 45.90
Sheldon Thompson Seth Green 241.91
General Porter James Norton 342.72
De Witt Clinton A.H. Squiers 413.00
Victory John Hebard [].67
Milwaukie Wm. Dickson 285.85
Julia Palmer Robt. Wagstaff 260.16
Indiana A.T. McKinstry 214.24
Illinois Jas. Shooks 209.31
Queen Charlotte Wm. Keith 254.38
Detroit George Miles jr. 244.41
Buffalo Jas. Curtis 161.38
Savannah John Vail 10[2].48
Constitution C.C. Marsh 91.17
Chicago James Thorp 130.61
Merchant F.S. Miller 74.45
Michigan Geo. W. Floyd 108.65
Henry Roop Amorous Gould 79.54
Cincinnati J. Sherwood 52.57
Young Lion W.T. Moren 83.20
James G. King Chauncey Stillman 153.34
Colonel Benton Eli R. Baker 103.38
Agnes Barton J.G. Ludlow 108.56
Louisa Jenkins James B. Wilson 73.57
John C. Spencer S.K. Walker 92.42
United States Geo. Pearson 93.19
Benjamin Rush S.T. Lawson 37.85
Globe Z. Perkins 156.93
Commodore Peter T. Smith 88.25
Toledo Chas. A. Millikin 215.07
John Grant, jr. J.C. Haggerty 92.63
Farmer Wm. Cornwall 55.57
Marie Antoinette Wm. T. Moran 86.85
Havre Thadds. Brooks 134.89
New Connecticut David Clark 62.59
Charles Carroll Orange Allen 46.20
John Richards Ira Holden 43.19
Panama Richard Meeks 62.66
Columbus Holden Chase 63.51
Post Boy M. Edgecombe 56.14
Nucleus J.E. Wilson 93.38
La Porte Wm. McCandler 141.34
Henry Norton J.C. Oliver 150.53
Owanungah A. Todd 129.76
Florida --- Randall 157.48
Telegraph Z. Phillips 43.76
Dayton John L. Cole 84.41
Navigator James Thorp 82.66
Jacob A. Barker O.H. Allen 91.34
Wabash E.S. Devereux 102.42
President Wm. Kennedy 72.04
Wyandot Horace Hunt 92.51
Loraine A. Keeler 52.00
Sch. Scow
John Adams David Cook 29.05
Industry H. Mayhew 28.14
Colonel Crockett Jacob Travers 27.50
Coaster, Silver Cr. Isaac Morris 37.16
Daniel Webster Asa A. Sackett 38.17
Wave 47.52
Cattaraugus Chief J. Vallance 19.75
Jack Downing J. Whitney 20.60
Maria Ira Day 20.00
Aurelia N.B. Richardson 19.00
TOTAL 8541.09
Michigan Arch. Allen 172.75
[ ]
Uncle Sam G. R. McKenzie 226.74
Chicago J.F. Wight 186.00
Niagara L. Hanson 210.06
Detroit R. Gillet 137.06
Erie H. Ballard 149.35
Gen. Brady Ira Davis 65.09
Gen. Gratiot J. Clark 62.64
Don Quixote W. Canonse 51.27
Andrew Jackson John Hill 49.55
United L. Davenport 30.48
Lady of the Lake John Drew 26.16
Water Witch R.G. Clark 16.59
Cincinnati Gray & Gallagher 16.06
Argo H. Davenport 8.79
Mazeppa E. Lee 50.38
Manhattan C. Blake 274.76
Ramsey Crooks S. A. Stanard 168.30
John Kenzie D. Grover 116.57
Benj. Barton Thos. Nash 178.40
Austerlitz M. Robinson 134.24
White Pigeon C.W. Newhall 128.86
Napoleon R. Smith 107.13
Indiana J. McQueen 130.41
Erie I. McCauley 183.76
Juliette Joseph Ferry 115.55
Cambria E. Jones 16?.68
Marengo D. Murray 104.22
Gen. Harrison B.F. Owen 115.09
La Salle J. Stewart 167.46
St. Louis J. Vorce 161.13
St. Joseph 136.22
Mississippi J.D. Fletcher 76.55
Commerce J. Humphrey 98.86
Illinois L. May 95.11
Elizabeth Ward R.R. McKniff 65.00
Lodi H. Vane 64.67
Marshal Ney John Nelson 73.25
Gen. Warren R. St. Bernard 73.20
Pilot O. Cook 54.03
Industry E. Sheeley 61.79
Wave M. Robinson 44.30
Ocean S. Sullivan 42.60
Geo. Hamilton J.R. Davis 54.42
Lexington J.L. Peer 56.32
Hiram D. Carver 62.70
Utica A. Adams 36.86
Esther N. Nichols 40.11
Dolphin Geo. Clark 22.40
Polly J. T. Hull 25.24
Ann W.H. Barse 25.75
Mary Elizabeth S. Gillet 33.52
Pilot G. Harrow 11.72
David Cooper J. Harson 8.03
Nation's Guest J. Austin 30.84
Albatross S. Ward 20.10
Forester S. Hayward 30.38
Regulator G. Chene 20.04
St. Clair D. Mini 27.81
Lark S.F. Atwood 24.46
Humming Bird B. Lafoy 38.28
Black Hawk S. Hayward 27.11
Superior Ant. Mettez 37.27
Democrat J. Curtis 30.85
King Bird J.B. Marcotte 26.48
Lion A. McArthur 36.31
Governor Porter James Conner 37.22
Frances J. Raymond 31.57
Waterloo 63.38
Pontiac F. Fournier 15.30
Swan S. Rousson 12.77
Fox H. Forton 16.46
Traveller J.B. Saussier 19.78
Nicholas W. Gauthier 14.40
Porpoise P. Van Every 14.38
Eagle P. Morin 15.02
Turk S. Cadet 17.29
Hirondelle P. Allard 11.39
Traveller J.B. Thomas 19.63
Sagana J. Peltier 12.23
David Jones G. Fearson 10.84
Morning Star E. Jewell 15.87
Hum. Bird F.H. Stevens 10.10
Salt River Paul Cyr 28.94
Torpedo A. Rivard 16.45
Independence A. Hosmer 20.34
Independence H. Howard 48.34
Macuma B. LaDouceur 25.82
Seal M. Hubbard 26.80
Mary A. Vail 24.16
Dragon R.P. Lewis 42.10
Brandywine G. Kellogg 46.15
Raven B. A. Luce 52.71
Fox L. Peltier 16.36
Greyhound J.M. Alford 14.31
LaFayette E. Farnsworth 16.12
Auguste V. R. Thomas 20.83
Experiment R. Taylor 18.83
Drift A. Bailey 31.00
TOTAL 6703.78
Delaware [lost] J. Shook 188.60
United States Jas. Shook 366.80
Sandusky T.J. Titus 377.12
Maj. Jack Downing Wells 54.75
Sandusky J. Mayhew 110.34
De Witt Clinton Geo. W. Orr 75.77
Lady of the Lake E. Curtis 87.33
Platina T.C. McGee 90.93
Young Amaranth L. Case 65.37
Ligure J. Bain 62.58
Morning Star 30.09
Grace Amelia G. Littleton 45.15
Jefferson A. Miners 77.23
Ann Royal J. Cobb 47.80
Charles Carroll O. Allen 46.20
Young Rover H. Smith 15.20
Grampus G. E. Fiskett 24.40
Revenge J.F. Dowd 17.84
A.F. Edwards J. Scott 8.30
TOTAL 1792.75
Andrew Jackson John Hill 49.35
Oliver Newberry S. F. Atwood 170.12
Oliver H. Perry David Wilkeson 332.25
Gazelle Anson Reed 68.43
Walter Joy D. P. Nickerson 122.25
Carolina Wm. O Marsh 48.01
Star Wm. Crane? 42.19
John Hollister? Justice Bailey 80.57
Total 927.57
Columbus A. Walker 391.58
North America J.L. Edmonds 361.45
Robert Fulton R. Hart 368.43
United States T. Shook 366.80
North Carolina A. Root 95.15
Black Hawk D.N. Green 37.30
Richmond Dorchester 96.50
America McCloy 65.11
Ohio L. Dibble 88.30
Detroit E. Cobb 66.80
Mariner Pittis 96.49
Warren Blair 65.01
Minerva Pringle 60.64
N.C. Baldwin Sweet 144.36
Geauga Shead 33.71
Atlantic Chapman 47.49
Rainbow D. Fuller 33.83
E. Whittlesey Beckwith 49.67
Atalanta Shepherd 109.55
New York Rathbun 56.22
Benj. Franklin Kyle 116.09
N. Hubbard Brown 92.60
Liberty Newcombe 45.76
Commercial Fitch 51.79
Independence McCowan 26.31
Helen Folger 44.87
Rein Deer Benson 64.47
Conneaut Packet Younglove 29.67
Origon Singer 70.68
Neptune Sims 166.77
Young Leopard T. More 53.37
Dolphin L. More 78.29
Hudson Caldwell 136.08
Nucleus Johnson 93.68
Florida Boomer 107.65
Antelope Millikin 53.23
Lewis Goler Warner 88.19
Bolivar Burton 77.31
Huron Disbrow 127.79
Texas Edgecomb 134.60
Essex Hays 30.35
J.Q. Adams Weard 54.77
Alert Fuller 33.81
Ralph Granger Wheeley 67.15
Louisa Judson R. Hull 15.76
Olive Branch J. Atkinson 13.15
Mil. Packet Britton 35.49
Total 4518.33
Thos. Jefferson Thos Wilkins 428.08
Wm. Penn C.H. Ludlow 251.45
Pennsylvania Lundy 385.24
Wm. Peacock John Spires 120.00
Philadelphia John P. Teal 122.72
Citizen Washington Jay 137.65
Otter Joseph McCord 35.50
T. W. Maurice Frederick Tubbs 45.54
Swiftsure G.W. Shadduck 38.22
Jack Downing L. B. Fisher 31.87
Godolphin Josiah Hayward 53.47
Total 1562.29
Buffalo 8541.09
Detroit 6703.73
Cleveland 4518.33
Sandusky 1792.75
Presque Isle 1562.29
Miami 927.57
Total 24645.76

The above amount of tonnage which has been in constant and active operation during the past season, is a very gratifying evidence of the enterprise of our commercial men; especially when it is considered that but a very few years have elapsed, since the building of vessels on our waters, to any extent, was called for by the wants of the West. Since the period when the immense trade which is now annually filling our warehouses to overflowing, first gave its impulses to our commercial prosperity, the increase of the craft required for its transportation has been astonishingly rapid, and each succeeding year will add, in an enlarged ratio, to its incalculable requirements. Our thanks are due to the different Collectors, to whose polite attention we are indebted for the above statistical information. Portions of its have been published from time to time, to exhibit the business and prospects of some particular port; but we have thus thrown it into a collective form, for the purpose of showing, at once, the grand aggregate of our lake shipping, and for future reference. Years hence, when its tonnage shall have increased vastly beyond its present amount, it will not be uninteresting to refer back to these details, in instituting such comparisons as might now be made between the present and the past.

As several gentlemen have requested copies of the above table, to preserve in their counting rooms, we shall strike some off in a neat form, which will be ready for delivery in a day or so.